Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Animal Sex Stories-First Time, Dom/slave and 1st K9

I had been His for a long time now. I was well trained, knew my place, and never questioned Him. It had taken time, to reduce me to what I am happiest being; His property. Months of training and reconditioning, viewing my body as not belonging to me but being there purely for His pleasure and enjoyment. One night, He laid out the typical ‘slut’ clothes that He dressed me in for nights out. I followed Him to His car, and got in the front seat, remembering to sit with my legs as wide apart as the confines of the car allowed. I kept my eyes down. Finally, the car came to a stop. He got out and came round and opened my door. “Get out and get on all fours”. Confused, but not really surprised, I did as I was told, and felt the harsh gravel scratching at my knees. He placed a hood over my head, and I felt Him attach a lead to my collar. As the tension tightened, I had no choice but to crawl along with him, across the gravel car park. We obviously entered a building as the gravel under my knees and hand changed to something more solid… wood maybe? I crawled alongside Him, hearing men’s voices and smelling tobacco and beer in the air. “Stand and remove your clothes.” Was all I focussed on. I didn’t know where I was, or who was there, and I was embarrassed to be removing my clothes. I am in my 40’s after all, and have all the usual marks of age. I could hear jeers and cat calls around me as I shivered, naked in front of them. For the next hour or so, I had my tits tortured, I was prodded, slapped and fucked in both holes. I lost track of how many men were there. I sucked and cleaned cocks, and had so many orgasms that I was heady with desire and horny as hell. Thoughout, I heard my Master’s voice, encouraging the men, telling me to suck harder or turn this way or that. Finally, the men were spent, and I was left on all fours, cum dripping from both holes, shaking. I could hear them, getting drinks, lighting up cigarettes and chatting and laughing. I wondered how long it would be before we left. I was exhausted myself. This wasn’t the first time He had brought me to events like this. I had even been to one where I wasn’t used, yet left blindfolded in a corner to listen to them using someone else’s property. That was, in many ways, more humiliating. My mind wandered until I became aware of the pain in my knees from being in the same position for so long. I squirmed a bit, trying to get comfortable. “Round two boys?” I heard Him say. I heard chairs being pushed back as the men gathered round. I was hoping to go home, but obviously not yet. I couldn’t work out what was going on. No one was touching me, but I could hear them standing around me. Suddenly, I felt a tongue lapping at my cum dripping cunt and ass holes. “This is new” I thought, as the rather large, wide tongue lapped away at me. It was insistent too… and forceful as it lapped up all the juices flowing from me. Something wasn’t right… instinctively I knew this wasn’t a man’s tongue!! I squirmed away, trying to pull away from that insistent tongue, yet loving it at the same time. I was disgusted with myself when I realised I was getting turned on by a dog lapping at my swollen clit, exciting me, making me close to orgasm! The tongue delved into my cunt, and poked at my ass hole. I stopped trying to escape as a huge orgasm shook me. This excited the dog more, and before I could even think about how wrong this was, I could feel a cock jabbing at me. “Guide him in” said a male voice. “Cunt or ass?” said another one, laughing. “Cunt for now” came the answer. I was lost as a huge dog cock plunged into me. There was no finesse that there may be with a man’s cock. This was a huge dog cock plundering my cunt, and I loved it! I felt something come out of the cock, filling my cunt, mixing with the Man cum already there. The dog pumped away. I came over and over, thinking that’s it…..he has to be finished! Then something very big was pushing against my cunt lips. What the fuck? The cock was big enough…what the hell is going on? I tried once again to pull away, but the men held me down, telling me to “take the knot bitch”. What the hell is a knot? I just about had time to wonder as something that felt as big as a grapefruit forced its way into my cunt, filling me, and yes, bringing me to yet another huge orgasm. The dog was relentless, he pounded away, over and over. I writhed against his cock, that huge knot bouncing on my G spot, bringing me to orgasm over and over again. What felt like an explosion happened in my cunt as the dog filled me with his seed. I could feel it running out the sides, past the huge obstruction. I was overwhelmed, and could hear the dog panting behind me. He stayed there for ages before the knot was small enough to pull out, and with it came a gush of dog cum, man cum and my own. I fell on the floor, totally exhausted, and ashamed that I had been fucked by a dog, and enjoyed it……………

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