Wednesday, June 27, 2012

My Dog And Me

It happened to me a while ago, i'm not going to state my name so i'm going to call myself LillyI was 16, pale skin and long blonde hair, about 5ft with blue eyes and big breasts.My mother who I didn't live with at the time was going away and called me to ask if me any my boyfriend could look after her dog. We said yes seeing as it ment we would have her large house to ourselves, plenty of space to do what we wanted. The day she left my boyfriend and I had an arguement and he went to stay with a friend leaving me on my own. So I went over to my mothers,wished her a nice holiday and snuggled up on the sofa alone feeling lonley and horny. I flicked through the channles blankly untill coming across an erotic film, as I watched I began to feel my warm pussy grow moist, I gently slid my hand down my trousers and began stroking my clit, then slipping my fingers in an out of my pussy, making the most of having a house to myself I began to moan loudly nearly reaching my climax. I stopped playing with myself because I knew I would want to play with my dildo before I came. I ripped of my shirt and took of my bra and caressed my erect nipples, I slowly unbuttoned my jeans and slid off my little thong and got my dildo from my bag and began pumping it in and out of my tight asshole. Suddenly I felt the dogs cold nose on my pussy and shuddered, he was a big dog, a husky and even though it felt so dirty I left him sniffing about my dripping cunt, I watched him lick my thighs untill he reached my pussy and moaned as his rough tounge rolled over my clit. Heaven. I let him lick me as I thrust my dildo faster in and out of my ass on all fours screaming with pleasure, I could see Rio, the huskys, cock grow, big and hard, he jumped up on all fours and placed his front paws around me digging in his nails and trying to find my cunt. I reached back and began to stroke his now huge shaft, directing him closer to my warm pussy. Finally he thrust his cock in side me making me scream again, it felt so good, I could feel him pulsing inside of me and then he started thrusting harder and harder in and out of my pussy, I began fucking my ass with my dildo again, "yes harder Rio" I moaned as his massive knot pounded inside me, we fucked untill I felt his cum drip out of my tingling cunt, he licked it up and I sat as if nothing happened promising myself I would never do it again. I kept saying that untill the next morning, and ever since Rio has been fucking me.

Molly's First Time

"Come on Ralph, let's go for a walk," said fourteen-year-old Molly. She picked the leash up off the table and hooked it up to the golden retriever's collar. "Ok mom, I'm taking Ralph for a walk. I'll be back in a little bit." She called. "Ok sweetie, dinner will be ready when you get back," her mom called back to her. She grabbed onto the leash and led Ralph out the back door. She gently closed it and then walked out to the gate. Molly's house was on the edge of a forest, so she would go out the back gate and take Ralph on a walk on one of the numerous paths go through it. As she entered the forest and chose which path to walk down, she was glad that the trees were blocking the hot, August sun. Today was especially hot, and Molly was already starting to sweat. She had on very short shorts that showed off her nice thighs and petite butt, and a tight t-shirt. Since she had decided against wearing a bra today, her nipples were visible through her shirt, but hardly anyone ever walked through the forest so she didn't care. After forty five minutes of walking, both she and the dog were tired. She stopped under a big pine tree and sat down. Ralph came and lay down next to her, panting hard. As she sat, Molly realized that she had to go to the bathroom very bad. She knew it was way too long of a walk to go back, and the thought off peeing in the forest turned her on, so she looked around. No one was in sight. Ralph was a very calm dog, so she let go of the leash and left him by the tree. She walked off the path a ways and found a nice spot by a bush. She pulled her shorts and panties down and squatted. She was a little nervous, and when she tried, she couldn't go. She took a deep breath, closed her eyes, and relaxed. Soon, her muscles relaxed and urine trickled to the ground. When the last bit spurt out of her, she felt much better. Then, she felt something weird and wet on her pussy. She jumped and opened her eyes and saw Ralph licking her. "Bad dog!" she yelled and tried to push him away. But he came right back and started licking. She was going to push him away again, but his big, wet, doggy tongue felt amazing on her pussy. She loved the feeling, so she lay down on her back and spread her legs, giving Ralph full access. He instantly started licking her with his warm tongue. She started moaning and playing with her nipples through her t-shirt. She had never felt so good or been turned on so much in her life. As Ralph licked away, Molly remembered the time that she walked in on her older brother when he was masturbating. He was watching a video of a dog humping a woman. The woman seemed to be enjoying it very much. Molly thought about it but wasn't quite sure if she wanted a doggy cock in her virgin pussy. However, when she looked over at Ralph and saw his enormous pink cock coming out of its sheath, she was so turned on that she made her decision. She was going to have her virginity taken by a dog. She flipped over and got on all fours, sticking her butt out as far as she could. Ralph licked her little pink hole a few times and then got on top of her. Molly guided his dick into her pussy and then he rammed it all the way in. Molly screamed and she felt blood trickling down her thigh. Ralph's cock was bigger than she expected and she clutched onto the ground, hoping that the pain would be gone soon. Ralph was humping at top speed when Molly felt something strange that made her cry out in pain. She had no idea at the time but she later found out that that was Ralph's knot entering her. She was now stuck. Finally, pleasure began to overwhelm the pain and she began to enjoy it. Soon, her whole body tensed up and an orgasm thundered through her. This was her first orgasm, and when it was over, she almost collapsed. After two more orgasms, Ralph finally came. His doggy cum filled her up and then began to ooze out of her pussy. She collapsed and then realized that Ralph was stuck inside of her. She lay there, panicking, for fifteen minutes and finally, Ralphs cock popped out of her and he went to lay down by a tree. Molly laid there for a long time, wondering if what just happened was real. She looked down at her pussy and saw that it was oozing with dog cum and her own blood. She got the water bottle she had brought and poured some of the water on it, rinsing it off. When her pussy was clean enough, she took her t-shirt off and decided to walk naked for a while. On the way back home, she let Ralph fuck her twice more. When she got home, she immediately went to take a shower. When she got out, she went and ate dinner, hoping that nobody noticed that Ralph was under the table, sniffing her crotch.

Our Dog

No refusal excepted. - My mind was made up, our dogs getting a fuck on her tonight! [My wife that is] Oh yeah... Day after day she lets me watch the mutt lick her into an orgasmic stupor, but then refuses to kneel down for the poor fucker [With a hardon like a babies arm] to get it into her. I'm not prepared to let the mutt suffer any longer, he gets her tonight regardless of her wants. As soon as he's licked her cunt into cumming, I'm gonna flip her into kneeling and hold her if necessary until he's got it into her sopping wet vagina. I mean proper fucking 'knotted' so she can't get away until he's emptied his balls up inside the fucking horny bitches womb, because with the cock he's fucking got hanging that's just where his puppy juice will finish up. Lets face it, she's no innocent, now at 32 she's had a number of my mates knobs... Yeah, - she knows I know and seen her often taking them. - Well this time she's up for a real bruiser of a knob, Ten inches at least and thicker than any man she's managed up till now - and that's before the knot [The size of a mans fist] sticks her ass to the mutts while he drags her around the floor trying to un-knot from her. Okay! I'm prepared to steady the fucker so as not to let him turn her cunt inside out! But that knots staying in her good-&-proper! ...The pattern never changes... we sit for awhile, she watches our mutt,he watches her out the corner of his eyes, her dress rises up her thighs, she eases her knicker's to one side, his tail wags, then she's got him trapped. He slinks over to her, glancing guiltily at me as he goes, but like us men, the lure of the pussy is just too much! Then after a few tentative licks, he's at her good, at first she just keeps her knickers out of the way, then his tongue demands more and she 'A's' her fingers to hold the lips open letting his tongue sink into her pinkness. The thighs spread wider with each slither of his tongue up thro' her slit until with her body trembling she pushes him aside to allow her to strip off her bottom half. [Tail gently wagging] he waits for his next helping... the movement of clothes removing has lubed her vaginas entrance and now with relish he slurps deeply up thro her cunt slit making her belly jerk and tremble. "Steady! Slower! Do it slower for mummy!" - Complying he steadies & she helps herself to more titilation now by easing her hood back from her clitoris allowing even deeper penitration of her cunt lips until now physically shaking all over, - "Not to quick, you're making me cum!" - For seconds she hides her clit from his demading tongue but as her excitement eases she again gives him full access to that bean until with her ass sliding forward off the seat she yelps and trembles in an almighty orgasm, in turn the dog licks at her cunt - long licks now taking in her cunt and asshole crease until in despair - "NO! - GOD NO MORE! - I JUST CAN'T HAVE ANYMORE! - FUCK I CAN'T!" She moves to deny the mut anything else and with a stupid look on his face and 10 inches of hanging hardon he barks as if to be demanding she presents her cunt to him for fucking! - All the other times I've pleaded at this point for her to give it to him - But this time, I'm off my chair and grabbing at her torso, - "Over! Turn over you whore! You're his and I'm making sure he fucks you!" - In shock she - on steadying herself - hit my hardon inside my trousers - "No! No! Only yours, I told you - NOT HIS! - Its too big! Her fight was less than I expected as I had her on her knees and with my full weight across her back held her flattend in the chair ready for our dog. - Watching he hesitated until reaching under him & smoothing his hard cock - "Come on you dumb bastard, I'm holding her for you!" - "Don't you fucking dare you sick bastard, I'll murder you when I get up from here!" - Quiet now as the dog went in to lick her super wet slit some more - "God No! Its to touchy, I'll pee! I swear it'll make me pee myself! NO, don't lick me now, please don't let him!" I just done what was needed, slapping her ass cheeks I invited the dog to mount her and that's just what he did. - I knew the heat of his cock hit her entrance because I felt her jerk under me - "Fuck its so hot - don't let him, its burning hot - Oh! Oh! its going inside... Fuck! That's fucking hot!" - I felt her relaxing and dearly wanting to see that fucking hugh dark red piece of flesh sinking up inside my wife's cunt I moved back to watch. Not moving, but with her head facing away from me she stayed as she was as this fucking hard dog cock was getting swallowed by her vagina. The shaft slid nicely up into her and as he gripped her hips so tightly she clearly now had no chance of getting out of a full on fucking I relaxed on the floor watching the spectacle of-dog-fucking-woman. Now with his feet inside of the wife's he was certainly tall and big enough to have no problem mating with her, but as I watched his thrusting I admit I had reservations now of that fucking knot smacking at my wife's spread labias' - The more it slapped the wetter she got, but the fucking she was now getting clearly was being enjoyed by woman and dog as she now started pushing back at that thick shaft of dog cock. "Fuck its fucking hot! He's farther in than any of... she realised what she was saying - well, its right in as far as it can go!" - What she didn't realise but I was seeing was her vagina was tantalizingly spreading open at the entrance and that knot was getting very much nearer to pushing past the tightness of her entrance. [I knew precum was drooling from my own cock,such was the spectacle] but by now I wanted that knot well and truly up inside her. He not thrusting now and just pressed at my wife while she seemed to be pressing at him - "What's it like now?" - "Fucking gorgeous. Its fucking monsterous inside me" - "Are you glad I made you?" - "Don't ask... Yeah alright? Yeah I wanted too anyway, but it was scaring me, did you see how big he is?" - "Wow! What was that?" - I'd just watched as her now slippery pressing cunt had submitted to that fist size knot and my wife was truly knotted with the mutt - "Fuck that's nice, what ever happened! it just wonderful, no man can do that to me... What did he do just then?" - "Knotted with you, he's knotted!" "AH! AH! Fuck! you wouldn't believe how that feels, he's fucking cumming like hell up in me, FUCK IS THAT HOT! and its shooting over and over - really hard squirts and its in my womb... He's coming right up in the entrance to my womb!" - The look on the mutts face was a picture. You could tell every nerve in his body and every brain cell he has was cocentrated on impregnation! - It was not immediate that he started trying to turn in her. - "FUCK! FUCK! What's he doing to me now?" "Just trying to turn like dogs do. [I, looking at her entrance] I could see her vagina was having trouble coping with the fist sized knot turning. - I grabbed his body and stopped him from doing that while admiring the sheer swelling of her cunt as just inside it had coped with a massively swollen cock. But her vulva area with its now soaked pubes was larger and bulbus up towards her belly because of the hugeness his knot was impressing in her. - Then I noted a slight subsidence in its size and helped him turn in her and her cunt coped with this although it looked like it might [her cunts membrane] get pulled out with his knot. He went to pull away from her now but as her entrance stretched but couldn't release the knot I held him & stopped him from pulling until with her entrance comfortably now coping & him shrinking I adjudged she was able to release him from her tunnel and out that facinating cock plopped accompanied by lots of her and his cum. He walked away strangely, [As tho' his legs were disconnected] glanced back at her vagina and rear and promply lay licking what unsheaved cock was still protruding. Still knelt as tho' her desires were now satiated, - "Want me to fuck it now?" - No reply, but her ass jerked slightly - I took this to mean - 'If you want too' and promply took the place of the dog on her back. Surprisingly my cock felt just fine inside the much stretched vagina only moments before and with all the excitement of watching them, I - in turn in no time pumped my spill up her to mingle with all that dog spunk she'd received minutes earlier. I admit, I never even thought of if she'd cum off with me fucking her, but she certainly cum off more than once as he fucked her stupid. Pulling my spunk drooling cock out of her. she just lingered as she was while much of all our cum dribbled from her - The afterglow subsiding she eventually uttered - "Fuck! - What a fucking that was, I'd have never dreamed a dog could do me that good... Did you enjoy watching us, you better had, because you've got me hooked on it and I want more whether you let me or not!" - She stood blatantly in front of my face letting her cunt disgorge dog spunk. - "Pull it open and tell me if he bruised me, fuck I know it was bigger than anything I've had before" A slight darker blueish area was present just inside where the knot had stretched her, but I told her - "No! - You took it fine!" - After all I didn't want to put her off for the future, did I?

Mas My First

Hello, my name is Miyako, I am half Japanese and half Irish with other things too. My father married my mother in Japan when he was stationed there at an air force base and brought back to the U.S. where she gave birth to me, and my mother named me after my Japanese heritage. This is my true story of how I lost my virginity, a 14. I was/am a Christian so I refused to have sex with anybody up to that point, not believing in premarital sex, though I can’t say I consented to it, it was against my will at first. This happened three years ago, and at first I was scared to tell anyone, but now after reading and finding out that this happens to a lot of girls I felt a bit more normal and I found myself attracted to the taboo more and more, until finally now I feel ready to tell my story. It all started back in Michigan, where I’m from I was nine years, old and was getting ready to go swimming. It was hot outside my dad was cooking on the grill while my mother was inside on the phone. I was in my bathing suit, and I just walked outside, placing my towel on the table. Mas, our Rottweiler was outside too. I went to the edge of the pool and bent over to put my toes in the pool to test the temp of it. When out of nowhere I felt a forcible pressure down there in between my thighs and where my legs connect, at first it sort of stunned me, but the pressure for some reason felt nice. I had no idea why it felt the way it did, but it was sort of…confusing me if you will. I turned around and saw it was Mas putting his noise there, and he was getting more forceful, I thought he was trying to be playful, or play with me, not anything sexual, I didn’t even know what sex was until I was eleven. This all happened in about the time frame of a minute, my father got mad at the dog and yelled at him telling him “NO!” and “BAD DOG!” chasing him away from me, and asking me if I was alright. I told him I was, just inside I was confused. So I didn’t think anything of it, and went on to swimming. The next incident happened two years later, when I was eleven and had my first period, in gym class. It was so embarrassing. I felt so gross, and disgusted, not to mention completely uncomfortable, and hurting. I got home before my parents, they both worked. My mother was a dental assistant, while my father was in the military. I went upstairs to examine myself, once more, to make sure I was okay, and to apply…some girlie items. When I got to my mother’s bathroom I was once again greeted by Mas, who almost raced toward me. I thought he was happy to see me, and was going to jump up on me instead he threw his noise once again in between my legs. I wasn’t in any mood for this, and forced my legs shut trying to shove him away and closing off his access. Instead he must of gotten angry, because he just forced his snout in between my legs anyways and probed his noise around my most sensitive area and spot on my body…literally. I was shocked, and tired, and exhausted I thought I’d just let him sniff for a bit and then go on into the bathroom. He did just that, it seemed like he just sniffed for about thirty mins or so. I think a part of me enjoyed his noise there and the pressure he brought, through my clothes. Finally he tried to start licking me, down there, that’s when I stopped and went into my mom’s bathroom. He tried to follow but I shut the door behind me not letting him in, and I waited in there afraid, until my daddy got home and wanted to know why I was in there, I just used it as an excuse to get him to shoo Mas away. This would happen from here on a lot with Mas putting his noise there, and depending on my mood I would shoo him away, or welcome the sensation. But then…finally…it happened…we moved to Florida, my father got new orders to go down to Tyndall AFB. We got to go to the beach and see a lot of the attractions. Go to bush gardens too. I’ve moved around a lot being in the military family so I was used to it by now. I had just turned 14 , and a lot of guys would say nasty things to me, disrespect me, and say they would do all kinds of things to my body. It made me feel so little and unimportant. Sometimes they’d even grab for my body parts as if I was nothing more but an object of their pleasure. I hated that, I am a person too with emotions and feelings I’m not just some sex toy. Anyways we finally settled in, and summer time was coming around. It got very hot down there, unlike Michigan, Ohio, and Nebraska the other states I lived in. I remember the day perfectly…it was May 21, 2009 around 9:47 a.m. my mother was already gone out with her friends for shopping, and my father was getting ready to leave to get some work done on his Dodge Truck. I was in the shower, bathing and getting ready for the day…I had no idea what was about to happen, after words…my father knocked on the door, telling me his plans for the day, and asked if I would be ok…if I had known what was about to happen, I would of told him to stay…but I didn’t, and went ahead and told him I’d be fine. After he left, I continued to bath, I washed my whole body thoroughly, and then afterwards, I got a little turned on being naked and home alone, I started playing with myself, using the shower head on my most private area, feeling the water trickle upon it, and its forcefulness too. It was so pleasant, I then started to masturbate. I was still a virgin, being a Christian I didn’t believe in premarital sex, so I was still exceptionally tight down there, I tried using two fingers before but I didn’t want to stretch myself, so I stuck with the one, after a good rubbing and a small orgasm I turned off the shower and got out. This was the worst or best thing that was about to happen to me. I forgot to bring in a towel with me, which meant I was going to have to leave the security and safety of the bathroom to get one out of the hallway closet…me, naked inside our home? Why not…I mean no one was going to see anything right?...wrong. I opened the door slightly and no one seemed to be around…so I quickly left the bathroom darting for the closet, only I hit my knee on the door frame…of course right? But I tried to run so fast it really did hurt my knee. I grabby my knee trying to rub it, when Mas must of heard the bang, he came to see what was going on. I didn’t think anything of it, him seeing me naked, and I continued to go to the closet to get a towel. I think Mas must of thought I was teasing him or playing with him, he out of nowhere got very excited, prancing around and running after me, once I got to the closet he immediately began to lick my vagina and probe around it. This just completely took me by surprise. His long rough tough tongue was lapping my innocent pure uncontaminated vagina. Rubbing it roughly, and forcibly, coating it with his saliva, and part of slightly entering me. Not only did it just completely cause my mind to explode with fear, but it also sent me warning signs. I didn’t even think about hiding myself from him. Instinctively I shoved him away, and closed my legs tightly and firmly. He had gotten access when I wasn’t facing him, he came behind me and got to my private parts from behind but now he couldn’t get to them at all. I didn’t know why at the time why he was so sexually drawn to me, now I know it was because, he could smell my vagina juices from when I was playing with myself in the shower. I noticed he was still there trying to approach me, still trying to act playful, and I saw some red/pink colors coming out from between his legs, I was really getting scared, I tried to get away and go to my room, only he lunged at me. He was much stronger than me, but he didn’t knock me down…yet. I wrapped around my left leg and started to hump it, I could feel his penis rubbing my leg, and I scared me. I began to panic and tried to shake him off…I was such an idiot I tried to push and shove and lost my balance falling on top of him. He immediately got up, and faster than I could speak, I swear, he was behind me, and mounted me. He wrapped his legs around my thighs, I was so small and skinny that he literally put one leg over the other making a X like shape under me, and I swear, he pulled me back to him. I tried to get away and to run/crawl? forward, but his legs prevented that, and he thrusted and pulled me back at the same time, nearly making his mark, missing barely. I was so scared, I was screaming and yelling, even crying. I was so scared, you can’t understand. I was terrified. I didn’t want this, I was literally on the ground with our dog behind me trying to enter me, I didn’t want to be a whore or have my purity stolen from me, I wanted to wait till I was married and only have my husband have me, or put anything down there. But Mas didn’t care, he was going to have me, he was going to enter me, whether if I wanted him to or not. I kept crying, and stopped fighting him, I thought that maybe he’d get tired and leave me alone…I almost feel like an idiot for thinking that. Out of nowhere, I felt such an immense pain. It hurt so fricken bad. I was burning alive, something was entering me down there, and it was stretching me so far. It was like my lower half was being ripped into two separate pieces. But it all happened so fast. He plowed right through me, entered me, and was inside of my vagina. He was relentless. I screamed so loud it hurt in ways words can’t describe. I didn’t understand, what were the odds? Man, I was bleeding so bad, and the pain swelled for a little bit, I went limp, and he drilled, and drilled, and drilled into me. Pumping harder and harder, deeper and deeper into me. Man he was working it so much, he was thrusting so hard into me, my whole body was going in the same motion as he was, and he was relentless. Like a monster, so hard and fast. I could feel him still stretching me, he seemed to be getting bigger and longer inside of me. It all hurt so bad, I closed my eyes, hoping it would end or the pain would at least stop…which it did, but he didn’t stop he continued on. I felt terrible like I broke my sense of values and pride. My worth was gone, and I felt like a whore, me who was saving myself for marriage, and didn’t ever act like one or let a boy touch me. I was now being forced to mate with my own pet! I swear I didn’t want it, but my vagina was turning against me, it became exceptionally wet, which only encouraged Mas to continue, harder and faster. He plowed right into my cervix and was soooooo deep inside me I didn’t think anyone could go that deep. My vagina muscles started to spasm around his penis, almost like it were sucking on it, or something. And out of nowhere I lifted my head, and my waste below started thrusting against him. I am better than this I was thinking to myself. Am I really mating with a dog? What happens if daddy finds out? He continued throbbing inside of me, and pounding into my innocent virginity, and plowing and plowing for nearly 11 mins or so. Every time I tried to crawl away his legs always dragged me back to his waiting and hungry penis. I didn’t want to say it…but he made me orgasm unlike I’ve ever had before. He made me orgasm almost 8 times! So powerful too! My vagina would almost go into like censure attacks/spasms! Just a huge massive explosion of pleasure would hit me, and wave after wave. It would literally make my whole body go limb. I was so weak, and after I’d start to get my strength back to fight him or to try to escape, I was met with another massive orgasm. I didn’t know what it was at first, but inside me since the moment he entered me (forcibly) he had been spilling all this sticky wet stuff, at first I thought it was pee, but then realized it was sperm. And I got scared I might get pregnant! After about 18 min, of this, and I realized it was sperm, I really began to panic and tried to get up to escape, only it was too late. He used his body weight to pin me down, and I felt something slapping my vagina lips. It was hitting them hard, and acting like it was trying to go inside of me. I had no idea what it was, and I got exceptionally scared. I was trying so hard, to escape, really I was, only he once again pulled me back with all his might with his front legs, and with a massive thrust he slammed it into me. It hurt so bad, it was huge!!!! About the size of my fist! He plowed that thing into me, as deep as he could get it. And I had no idea what it was, until after I looked online to see if this was normal for girls. It was his dog knot. And man it hurt so bad, but again my vagina almost seemed to have wanted it inside of me. He was sucking and grasping it all on its own. It made me orgasm again and again. Finally he shoved it into me as deep as possible. It was huge!!!! It was growing inside of me still!!! He gave one last thrust and it nearly passed my cervix! Only barely not making it! He started to gush out into me, dumping nasty fluids all inside of me, so much so it literally filled my whole insides all the way up. Filling up my whole uterus, all the way to the mouth of my vagina, if only his knot wasn’t blocking it. He stopped thrusting and just rested on me, but his knot wasn’t done yet, it still was growing inside of me! It hurt, and felt good. I felt so nasty and disgusted with myself, as if I was nothing but his cum dumpster. Didn’t I matter? Wasn’t I more than this? I was so grossed out, and tired, soar, and hurt, I tried once again to get away, only this time he wasn’t stopping me, his knot was!!!! Couldn’t I ever escape this humiliation? Now his penis wasn’t letting me get away. I was his, his alone, and his forever. His penis was inside of me, and he wasn’t going to let this vagina get away. It was his to have and he was making sure I knew it. I was so ashamed and crying still. He penis deep inside of me and his knot assaulting my mind. Breaking any hopes of freedom or escape. I was stuck to him, his slave. I tried and tried to get away but his knot just refused to let me go. It hurt when I tried to force it out. It must have been the size of a basketball! Finally after nearly another 52 minutes, yes it was a long time I was knotted to him, stuck on the floor, I tried once more to get away, and with a more forceful jerk it plopped out, making a massive gooping popping noise. Nasty floods drooled all over, my vagina oozing out all sorts of blood, and juices. Mas quickly, ran to my face, licking me trying to make me feel better, I saw his penis it was huge!!!! Completely unlike anything I’ve ever seen nearly 9-11 inch! And his knot, though much smaller was at least the size of a baseball! I quickly got up, grabbed a towel and ran back to the bathroom. My vagina, spilling, and oozing a nasty trail of the evidence, showing where I was going. I examined my vagina, it was nowhere near as small or innocent as it was just a hour ago. It was now ripped open wide, so much so, that by just standing up everything inside it would spill out. I cried, for almost 40 mins. Took another shower. Cleaned out my vagina as much as I could. Once I was finished, I put my towel over me, covering my body especially my most private treasure. I looked around, and didn’t see Mas, though I saw the evidence of what he did to me. I ran for my bedroom and slammed the door. Got dressed, and put on some hard jeans so he couldn’t get to me even if he wanted to. Went back out there, and started to clean up the mess so daddy or mom wouldn’t see it. Mas came back out, licked me in the face, as if happy of what happened, I shoved him away from me, and he tried to mount me again, only this time my jeans granted me a shield. After I was finished I left the house to go to a GF’s. I was still very much shaken up, terrified, hurt, and just wanted to scream as loud as possible. I wanted to report a rape, but how would I explain the rapist was my dog? I just wanted to cut my heart out, and to explode. I was also so scared that’d I get pregnant with some sort of mutant baby puppies. I didn’t know what to do! I looked around the internet three or four days later and found that a lot of girls have sex with dogs, a lot like happened to me. They seemed to of liked it, and none got pregnant! It wouldn’t be until almost a month later, he did it again to me, only this time I’d enjoy It, and from then on I would practice it regularly, as a secret, I felt evil for doing it, but it felt so good. Especially when he would knot me, I would orgasm almost immediately! A massive powerful one! I’ve never had sex with a boy or human before, but I’ve had sex with Mas a lot, and it felt and feels so good. I like him to lick me too. I’ve never told my parents, and after I found out I couldn’t get pregnant by him, and a lot of girls do it, I do it even more now. =)


I was just 13 when the girls at school started talking about sex. Many of them were having sex, and they were very excited to be telling us ‘Virgins’ about it. They talked about the different sizes of the ‘cocks’ that the boys had and how long they could go before they would cum ( I didn’t even know what that meant). They compared the tecknec of the different boys at school. How good they could fuck. Who they wanted to fuck again. There seemed to be a lot of different guys that the girls were fucking. They offered to set the ‘virgins’ up with the guys who did the best job of taking the ‘cherries’. I was not very popular with the boys and I could not imagine letting a boy who the girls set me up with, stick his dick in me while the other girls watched. I did not go along with the girls who wanted set up to lose their virginity. I didn’t want to participate with them, but all that talk of fucking got me wanting to know all I could learn about it. It excited me. The girls talked of masturbating, and how they liked to do it, and how good it felt. I did listen to this and tried to learn all they had to say without letting them know I didn’t even know how to masturbate or what it even was. I learned a lot of different ways of making my pussy feel good. Many of the girls talked of laying in the bath tub and letting the stream of water hit them right on the clit (I had learned what my clit was) and that would make them cum. Most of them would just lick their fingers and rub their pussy and clit. A lot of them would lay something hard in their bed and lay on their stomach and put the thing between their legs and rub up and down. They all talked about what they put in their pussy’s to pretend they were fucking. Some used hot dogs, some used vegetables (cucumbers, carrots), and some found their mothers dildoes. Most would start with their finger or two or three. I thought of all these things and I couldn’t imagine putting a cucumber inside me. Damn, that would hurt. They had talked about the first time you had sex you would break your ‘cherry’ and that would hurt. Doing that with a cucumber would be a double hurt. I thought I would just spit on my finger and try rubbing it around my pussy. When I went to bed and my parents were in their bed down the hall, I thought I would try it. I took off my panties but left my night shirt on. I spread my legs and spit in my hand and went for my pussy. As I rubbed my hand over my clit it felt pretty good. I kept this up for a while and then I rubbed down by my ass and that felt real good. I started moving from my ass hole to my clit and do a circle around the clit and back down to my ass. This was feeling very good. I spit in my hand again and started going faster. I liked it, hell I loved it. As I ran my hand down to my ass hole I started to push a finger inside. OH, this was gooood. I thought it was time to try to go inside my pussy. I started pushing a finger inside my pussy. This was good. I would go from my ass hole to my pussy, go in and then go to my clit and rub it real hard and back to my ass. I was doing this faster and going in deeper in my ass and in my pussy. I noticed that I didn’t have to spit on my hand any more. It was always wet now. One time I went in my pussy and I hit something and it hurt a little. I thought this must be my ‘cherry’. I quit going in that far but I started putting in two fingers. My pussy liked this. I had gone up my ass hole as far as I did in my pussy when I hit my ‘cherry’ but it didn’t hurt my ass. As I was going faster and faster I had gotten to where I just used two fingers in my pussy and in my ass and pushed real hard on my clit. I could tell something was happening. My body was starting to tremble and shake. My pussy was tightening on my fingers as they were going in. I felt like I was going to pee. I didn’t know what to do. It felt so good but I didn’t want to pee in my bed. It felt sooo gooood I just kept going. I was shaking, my pussy was contracting, and I and I thought I would pee and going in my ass hole, now I thought I might shit. Oh I was getting light headed and I heard someone scream. I didn’t know if it was me, but I think it was. And then my pussy was squeezing so tight, I couldn’t get my fingers in. Then I think I passed out. I don’t know if I did pass out or if I did, how long I was out. When I could think clearly, I could hardly move. I had no strength. My heart was beating out of my chest, and my body was still trembling. I thought if this is what masturbating is all about, then I am all for it. I slept well that night. When I got to school the next day, I was so excited and wanted to tell all my friends about my experience, but I decided I would keep it my secret. Then I thought about getting home and getting to my bedroom to try masturbating again. When I got home, mom told me she had to go to some sort of meeting and would be gone a few hours. I told her everything would be OK. I could take care of anything that would come up. When she was gone I was so excited. I could go to my room and masturbate all I wanted to for two hours. I headed up the stairs and into my room, and shut the door and started to take all my clothes off. I did not notice that Tag, my dog was following me. I got on the bed and spread my legs like I did the first time. I spit on my fingers and started rubbing. I knew what was going to feel good, so I started with two fingers and was going into my ass hole and my pussy right from the start. I rubbed my little clit and it seemed everything was starting to feel good so much quicker. I was going good and I started lifting my ass in the air so I could get to my ass hole easier. I was feeling great and rubbing the hell out of my clit when I felt Tag licking my leg. He was interrupting my masturbating and I just kicked him away. He came right back, so I took my hand from my pussy and shoved him away and told him to go. Instead of going, he licked my slit. Damn, what did he do. That felt good. I didn’t know what was going on, but I liked it and was not about to make him quit. He was licking from my pussy hole to my clit. When I raised my ass up in the air, he would lick all the way from my clit to my ass hole. This was great. I spread my ass cheeks so he could get in deeper. I started to feel all the feeling I had when I masturbated the first time. My legs were trembling so much I could hardly hold my ass in the air. I was getting light headed and I could feel my pussy contracting. I was starting to feel like I was about to pee again so I knew I was about to cum, so I didn’t worry about getting the bed wet. Here it cummmmms. Bang, I passed out again. This time when I got my bearings, I was still weak and light headed, but Tag was still licking my pussy. I had a lot of liquid leaking out of my pussy and I thought that it must be what had been keeping me wet. My clit was very sensitive and I didn’t want Tag licking it anymore. I tried to push him away when I saw his dick. It was red and dripping something from the end of it. It was very exciting. I keep looking at it and seemed to be about the size of dick that the girls said their boy friends had. My mind was swirling. I knew mom wouldn’t be back for almost 2 hours, so I could try to get Tag to fuck me. I got on my hands and knees and looked back at Tag. He saw me and went back to licking my crack. OH it felt so good. I thought I could get him to fuck me, but this was good also. I could have let him lick me until I would cum again. A few minutes later he stopped licking me, and I thought Oh no. Keep licking. He had stopped licking but then he was on my back and I felt his doggy dick hitting my leg. I thought he might be able to fuck me if he could get his dick in my pussy. I looked down between my legs to see which way I would have to move so he could hit it. My Oh my. His dick was bigger. It was bigger that what the girls said they had fucked with. I thought I should stop before I did something wrong. I was about to quit when Tag hit the spot. In two shoves he hit my ‘cherry’, and it did hurt like hell. He keep hitting it again and again. I was about to stop when he went through my ‘cherry’. OH, it hurt. He was going so fast, I didn’t know what to do. It had hurt, but the girls all said it would, but it would stop hurting and start to feel good in a little while. I waited and sure as they said, it started to feel good. Tag was going so fast and his dick felt better than my two fingers, and I could feel myself getting to the point where I thought I was about to pee, and I knew that meant I was about to cum. Then pain. OH, Something big went in my pussy. It filled me up so much that Tag could hardly move. Every time he tried to pull out it would hurt and he couldn’t come out very far and then he would jam his dick back in. He keep doing this and before long it didn’t hurt when he tried to pull out. He just keep shoving and banging into me. His ass was going very fast and I got that feeling again. I was about to cum when I felt something very hot inside me. It keep getting hotter and hotter and seemed to make my belly swell. That was when I did cum and passed out. When I came too, I was laying on my stomach and Tag was still in me, and he was laying on my back. I tried to move to get Tag off of me but I couldn’t get him out. He was stuck. I was able to move him so I could see my pussy and I could see that big thing that went in me and it was on Tag’s dick. His dick was to big to come out of me. I was panicking. What was I going to do. Would I have to go to the hospital to get him out. Would they have to cut him out. How could I tell mom and other people how the doggy dick got in my pussy. I didn’t know what to do and I started to cry. I don’t know how long we lay there but Tag keep getting up and keep trying to pull out. Each time he did, it hurt my pussy. I was crying and I didn’t want to scold him for pulling, but it hurt like hell when he pulled. All of a sudden it plopped out. I could feel it and I could hear it. Plop. OH, I was so happy. No one would have to know I was fucking my dog. A lot of liquid came out then. I mean a lot. Is this what was burning me and making me feel full? Did Tag pee in me? The girls told me the boys would shoot cum out the end of their dick and it would go into their pussy, but nothing like this. Could this be doggy cum? Some of the girls said that the boys would cum in their mouth and they would swallow it. It taste good. I thought if this was Tag’s cum, maybe I should taste it. I put my fingers in it and brought it to my mouth. It didn’t taste bad. Tag was in the corner licking his dick. I thought if he liked it, it must be something special. I ate some more of it and thought it was good. I cleaned up the mess on the bed and thought the next time (and there was going to be a next time), I would put a towel down or something to catch all Tag’s cum. After hearing the girls talk of giving blow jobs to the boys and how the boys enjoyed a good blow job, and some of the girls enjoyed it, I decided to give Tag a blow job. He deserved it. When he came, there was no way I could swallow all his cum, but I tried. I was 13 at the time and I continued to fuck and suck (after some practice I was able to swallow all his cum) Tag until I left for college. When I was in college, I fucked my first boy cock. He was nowhere near as good as Tag. When I finish school, I know I will live some place that I can have a dog and he will have a large cock and I will be happy with my dog and never need a man.

Two are better than one

I have always masturbated and love to do it with out any clothes on. I lay there and spread my thighs so I can really enjoy myself. I was laying in my bed one night and I was preparing for a masturbation marathon which I do when I have plenty on time. I had all my toys out along with some lubricate and towels as sometimes I actually squirt my climaxes out of my pussy. I normally would not have the boys in the room while I was masturbating b/c they get to excited but both sneaked into the room that night. I had put on a fuck video on the DVD player and was getting hot as I took my toys and started to play with them. I took a big dildo which I love and was rubbing it up and down along my wet slit as I watched the movie. My legs were off the end of the bed slightly as I played with myself. It was starting to feel good as I began to enjoy the feeling of my electric dildo sliding across my cunt. I happen to glance down and saw Bear between my thighs watching me. I was sort of surprised to see him so close but I continued to play with my wet snatch. I then took the initiative and reached my hand down to my wet pussy, coating my fingers in my hot juices. I then held my fingers out for Bear. He started licking the juice from my fingers. I patted the edge of the bed and asked him to get up there as I wanted him to lick my pussy. My wants were quickly answered as he put his paws on each side of my thighs and dipped his tongue to my waiting pussy. I spread my lips apart and pulled them upwards, exposing my wet cunt to him. His long tongue darted out and tasted my slit, licking me from the bottom to my clit. It felt so good as the shivers ran over me. I started to slowly hunch my wet pussy to his probing tongue as he continued to lick my cunt. It was feeling so good now as I opened it so he could taste the small opening of the inside of my wet pussy. His tongue would lap at me as it would slightly enter my pussy, causing me to throw my ass towards him even more. I started to cum from his licking. It was so hard as the cum started to shoot from my pussy as I ejaculated my fluids. He lapped at me even more, licking my cum as it covered both his tongue and my thighs. I had never cum so much or so hard in my life as I did then. With his tongue licking at my slit and me cumming over and over again, I noticed his cock had gotten so big. It was about 9 inches long and so big around. I knew he wanted to put it somewhere and I knew just the place. I eased myself to where my ass was just on the bed as I brought him up to me, putting his paws on each side of me as I reached for his big cock. I felt his hot doggie dick in my hands as I guided it to my waiting pussy. I was so wet and it slipped right in. I felt the huge head as it slipped further into my cunt, spreading me so wide as it slid deeper. It was huge and it felt so damn good as I wrapped my legs around his haunches, trying to take more of his big cock. I could feel each inch as he pushed deeper inside me, making my pussy tingle with his hot cock. I looked down to see his cock buried in me as he hit my sweet spot, causing me to cum once again. The feeling of his big cock against my sweet spot caused me to cum every time he hunched his huge cock to me. I was cumming so much as I felt his cock going even deeper into my hot cunt. Then it happened. His cock grew so big inside me as I felt it swell up and knew the knot had grown so huge. I usually don't allow their knots inside me b/c of the pain and possible tearing but I wanted it this time. I knew exactly what was happening as I felt the big knot swelling inside my hot pussy. It just made me cum that much more as the big head filled my cunt. I could feel the knob as it grew so large inside me, hitting my sweet spot and keeping me cumming over and over as that hot cock just sort of stuck there. I was working my pussy to him. Milking his big cock with every once of my strength as he slammed that cock to me. I knew that when he came his cock would go down as I fucked him a little faster now. Sure enough, I felt his cock as it pounded inside me, starting to swell as it throbbed. It felt so good as his cock throbbed in my pussy, getting ready to pump his cum to me. I felt it as he started to cum, the huge knob pounding at my womb as it started to erupt his load of cum. I felt the heat from his cum as it coated my insides, making me cum each time the head shot a wad of cum into me. He was so full of cum as his huge cock pumped his hot juices to me. I could feel the head as it relaxed while he spurted his hot, yummy cum deep within my burning pussy as his knot became smaller in me. I was loving this!! When Bear was done, it was Max's turn. He too is large and has a cock as big as Bear. It didn’t take too many times before I had his cock in my pussy while Bear watched. Then I decided that I was going to let them fuck both my pussy and my ass at the same time. I laid Bear down and got his cock hard as I guided him to my dripping pussy. Then I finally coached him to mount me from the rear as I took his big cock and jacked it up and down for him as I got it good and hard. I reached down and took some of my juices and rubbed it on my asshole as I then guided his cock to me. I felt his cock head as it slid in past the small opening of my ass. He was so big as I felt his cock slip into my tight ass. It was feeling so good as his cock filled my ass as I felt Max’s cock sliding to my sweet spot. There I was being fucked in both my pussy and my ass by my two dogs and loving every minute as their big cocks filled me. I let them fuck me as I fucked back to their huge cocks, cumming each time as Max hit my special spot. I was waiting for both to cum as I felt their cocks began to swell so big in me as I climaxed over and over. I could feel both cocks as the heads swelled up, their knobs growing so big as they fucked me. Then the feeling of both cocks as they shot their loads of hot, yummy and loads of cum so deep within my body. I felt the hot fluids as they emptied their cum into me as I too, came again. It was such a good feeling to have both of my dogs fucking me as their cocks filled me and my wildest dreams coming true again, being fucked by two cocks at one time.

My first Dog Sex

My name is Rachel, by all accounts I'm attractive, I'm tall, I have long black hair and 36D breasts. Before you go hiting on me, I'm also a lesbian, but I do make an exception for one thing, I enjoy sex with animals. This is the story of my first time with a Dog. I was horny that day, my girlfriend was on vacation, so I had to please myself, thats when I came across stories and pictures pretaining to beastiality. At first I didn't know what to think of it, seeing women being fucked by dogs or horses or whatever, but it began to turn me on. Finally, I couldn't take it anymore, I wanted to try it myself. We have a dog at my house of course, a Golden Retriever named Dylan, my parents where gone for the day, and I wanted to give it a try. "Dylan, come here boy!" I called for him after opening my door, and he comes bounding in. I wasn't sure how to start, and was more focused on that when I suddenly feel something cold at my pussy, Dylan had stuck his nose right there, and licks at my pussy tenaively, as I let out a moan, I fall back, that had felt better than I had imagined. Spreading my legs out, I moan louder as Dylan runs his tongue along my slit, the feeling coming from my pussy is incredible. I had been licked before by my girlfriend, but this might actually be better. I let him lick me for a few minutes, but I didn't know how long it would be before my parents returned, so I pushed him away and got up, moving on to all fours. "Come on Dylan, fuck me, I'm your bitch for today!" I say, grinning a little, I can see his cock start to poke out a little. Thats when he mounts me, wrapping his forelegs around me as he wildly humps at me. I reach back, and help guide his growing cock to the entrance of my pussy, and he thrusts into my tight pussy. I let out a moan as he manages to thrust his entire cock inside me, feeling his balls slap against me as he thrusts as hard as he can into me. "Oh yes Dylan, thats it, fuck me, fuck this bitch!" I shouted, then I feel something new growing in his cock. Realizing is his knot, and that it will cause me pain if it enters me, I start to try and wiggle free, maybe this was a bad idea after all, but then he bites my shoulder, not enough to break the skin, but just enough to get me to stop as his knot locks into place. I don't struggle, and there is only a brief pain, then I feel it as pleasure as he thrusts faster and faster into me. I feel my pussy clenching on his cock, I was truely enjoying being fucked by a male for the first time. Between his licks from earlier and his thrusing, I cum several times, though it is held in by his knot. I let out a final moan as he thrusts into me and cums. I cringe as Dylan tries to pull out of me, but his knot keeps us tied together. After awhile, he finally is able to pull out of me, and I turn around and give him a kiss on the head. "Good boy Dylan," I say, and he licks my face, I knew that I would have to try that again, and again.